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Samizdata is a data hub. Our mission is collecting data from various providers and publishers and making them easily searchable, modifiable and ready-to-use. If you are just looking for time series data, use our dashboard or API's to search, transform and share them for free. If you want to publish your own financial, statistical or any other subject time series, we can do it for you.

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We believe in the community and support open, free and accessible data. Basically, we collect the series and make them searchable and shareable at best. For this, we provide a simple data dashboard, where you can explore, plot and download from Samizdata database. We also support and encourage programmatic use of the database via a set of powerful API's.

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We allow you to customize the time series. Samizdata delivers a set of pre-built operators, including all most common transformations. Also, if you need a custom time series transformation process for your business, we will be glad to add your specific operations. Tranformations can be actioned both from the data dashboard and via API's.

Oh yeah, I found the series. Now I want to change it.

We are aware that often a freshly downloaded time series does not fully satisfy professionals and researchers. We are also aware that often you build your own programs and scripts to transform the data you have just downloaded. Samizdata shortens your time to research, by providing a rich library of transformations that can be applied on the series just before downloading them into your box. Moreover, we keep track of all the transformations you applied and recall what release you were referring to, so that no data is lost and no inconsitencies arise. We prepare the data, you do the research job.

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And lastly, download your data in any format.

Your transformed series is now ready to be downloaded. You can choose among a plenty of different formats. We support all the most popular data exchange models and formats, including those of statistical tools. We also have an eye on statistical standards and provide SDMX versions of our series. You can either download a single series or compose many of them in a dataset (basket) and finally export them all together.

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All the resources in our database can be accessed through our RESTful API's. Essentially, each series has a URL, such as: Just issue an HTTP GET to that URL from your tool, or simply type it in the address bar of your browser to access the data. We offer a plenty of options, including parameters to transform the series before downloading, extracting a specific release, peform text queries, choose output formats, etc.

API guide

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Disseminate with us!

If you have financial, statistical or economic data that you wish to publish we can do it for you. Become one of our sources and your data will be accessible to the world. If you are a data professional, a freelance or even a researcher with valuable data and you want to share or publish your results (for example to refer to them in your next paper), do not hesitate!

Essentially it works as follows:

  1. You contact us by sending a request of contact in the form below, specifying your company (or if you are a freelance), and adding a brief description of the data that you intend to share.
  2. Regardless of the technology and the format, we will be able to import your time series data into our database.
  3. We make your data accessible to the world: searchable in the data dashboard and operable via our API's.

Become one of our sources

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